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About Us

Jo Dickins and Ric HawkesFounded by Brits Jo Scrase Dickins and Ric Hawkes, production company Dickins & Hawkes is offering the opportunity to experience life in a manner that until now would have been impossible without having been to the manor born. Dickins & Hawkes is making available the rare opportunity to live a quintessentially British experience just like a Lord or Lady of the manor. Much more than a bespoke travel service, although that too, Dickins & Hawkes is the only channel through which an authentic 1925 period experience, replete with all of its British aristocratic drama and centuries-old history, can be experienced.

Dickins & Hawkes will cover the experience on celluloid and in print. When guests have returned home, Dickins & Hawkes edit the footage into a film and set to their especially composed period music — the result is a vibrant and eminently shareable souvenir. And for those who want a more concrete reminder of their exceptional time in the British countryside, Dickins & Hawkes can provide a breathtakingly beautiful coffee table book to sit in guests’ foyers and living rooms for all to admire.


Jo Dickins and Ric Hawkes

与创始人 Jo Scrase Dickins 女士和 Ric Hawkes 先生一起,我们诚挚邀请您一同品鉴绝无仅有的纯正英式贵族体验。这不仅仅是全程专属私人定制的奢华旅程,在迪金斯与霍克斯您更能够追溯1925年日不落帝国的昔日荣光,体会英伦贵族全盛时期的爱恨情仇与雍容气派。


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