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The Drama

Step back in time to an era of aristocratic opulence and take the chance to dress-up and enjoy dinner as Lord of the Manor. Our discreet film-makers will capture your time with us, or even stage a specially written dramatic scene, and then edit it into a short film that will become a permanent memento of your stay. Visit our gallery for examples.



The Dinner


The Dinner

No period experience would be complete without a dramatic dinner. Each estate’s staff and host are attired in period dress, and at dinner, characters are interspersed with guests around the table — a dowager Duchess here, a marquis or Russian Princess there. A brief scene will break out in the midst of dinner, immersing guests in their own drama moment, before the host steps in to suggest everyone retire to the drawing room for whisky and dancing. Guests are provided with opulent period dress of their own, including white tie and tails and officers’ uniforms for the men, and hair and makeup are provided as required.





Dickins & Hawkes have partnered with six stately homes and two castles throughout England and Scotland,
many of which have been in use for centuries holding balls, banquets, and fox hunts. Unlike many grand old
estates though, Dickins & Hawkes’ are not open to the public, and the experiences they provide are the
sort that money can’t usually buy.

Incumbent Dukes, Lords, and Viscounts run these homes with the grace and precision of a bygone era, as
hundreds of years of history are matched with the comforts and luxury one would expect from a noble home.




Activities & Entertainment

Envisage an itinerary that exposes you to the culture, traditions and eccentricities of the British nobility. Explore the countryside chauffeured in a vintage car before some deer stalking in Scotland. Or perhaps tempt yourself with a Knightsbridge shopping trip accompanied by a Vogue stylist. Thrill-seekers might want to visit the world famous Silverstone Circuit to take up the challenge of driving a supercar or, if your visit coincides with the British F1 Grand Prix, indulge in a VIP weekend with helicopter transfers, pit-passes and a chance to meet your favourite driver and see the cars close up.

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